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Opinion on Summilux 50 14


New Member
Hi there!

i'm have seen this Summilux 50 1.4 (pic attached) in store where I live and i was wondering if anybody could please share his/her opinion of this lense.

Does anybody know when this lense could have been produced? is it worth it to pay 700 Euros for it?? Any help would be appreciated...




Active Member
Juan, it's produced since 1959. You have to provide serial no. for precise year range.

For reasonable price, it is really depended on optic, cosmetic and mechanic condtion as well as completeness of accessory and package. With the said price tag, I can buy a 75-80% new one incl. original front and rear caps but no hood in Hong Kong.
I own the black version of this lens. I love it. It is a great lens for available light photography. Very flare free and light weight. The optical formula for this lens has been the same since the early 60's. The current version has a built in hood.

700 euros sounds like a great price if the lens is as good as it looks in the picture.

By the way, there are strong rumors of a new Summilux M arriving at Photokina. If you need to have the latest and greatest and money doesn't matter you better wait. If PHOTOGRAPHY is your top concern, this Summilux wont do you wrong.

Best wishes
Dan States
Grand Forks ND

PS, check for focus stiffness and a sticky aperture ring. Both are common problems that can be fixed by Leica but they would effect the selling value of the lens.


Hello Juan,

It's a great lens and very usable at full aperture. Certainly worth the price. At serial number 1844001 (1962) the optical formula was changed, I think the specimen on your picture is before this change. But the strange thing is that these earlier Summiluxes are also great performers. I own serial number 1883472 and used it heavily for the last 25 years, but it still looks like new. The lens does have a very slight barrel distortion, but it's coma free, has incredible bokeh and is on de smaller f-stops very, very sharp.




Dear Juan,

What is the serial number of the 1:1.4/50 Summilux (chrome) you are considering. I have a silver chrome Summilux # 2071XXX, so the colour of the mount does not imply the earlier design.

As Erik has advised if under #1844XXX the lens is not worth having, the contempory Nikkor f/1.4 is a better lens, but in 1961 with the silent introduction of the "improved" Summilux, Leitz introduced a lens so good that it is still in production forty three years later.

IMHO it is a "sleeper" comparable to the celebrated eight element 1:2/35 Summicron and when discontinued will become a sought after lens.

If the lens is above the critical number, the asking price is reasonable.

Best of luck.


PS I have a spare lens-hood if you need it.


New Member
Hello everybody!

Thank you very much to all of you and all your valuable information!

Regarding the serial number I don't know yet, but as soon as I know (i've sent them an e-mail asking for it) I will post it in the forum.

Now, there is something that I don't quite understand.
Erik, you say that the price is worth it but, even though if the serial number is below #1844XXX? or, as Justin says, it is worth it only if it is above this serial number ?

Thanks again,

Juan Manuel


Hi all,

I've been reading all the Leica postings for some months eversince I've acquired my M6TTL & my only lens, chrome 50 'Lux just like the picture above.

Juan, 770 Euro is a really good price if it's in fine condition as I've paid just over 1000 Euro for mine (in exc. condition). Maybe I'm ripped off but I'm happy with it.

Justin, I've been looking for a while for a lens hood for my 50 'Lux (Serial 192XXXX) but have no luck at all. If it's possible, can I arrange to purchase it off you?




You probably know this already: But I think you are looking for original metal hood part #12 521G or vented hood (metal) part #12 586, there is probably also a plastic version. is a good place to start if you are looking for hoods etc. Steve Gandy has a section that list part numbers for Leica gear and also sells a lot of this sort of stuff.

You should not have too much trouble finding a hood for your lux at one of the dedicated Leica second hand sites.

Hope this is of some help.



Thanks for your advice Craig.

I actually don't know all the useful info you've included. I'm very new in using my Leica and have been taking plenty of photos with different film to get a feel for it.

Will definitely get a hood as I heard that it needs it. And filters too. =)

Thanks to everyone for their postings as I've been learning plenty about Leica from the combined wisdom here on the forum.



Hello Juan,

I've been out for some time so I've missed your mail. It is known that the earlier Summiluxes (without the small number on the distance ring, (13, 14 and so on) are very good performers, definitely improvements over the older Summarit 1.5/50mm. If in truly fine condition I would say it's worth it, but if you want the very best lens it's better to look for a later one, they're not rare. I've seen them go on e-bay recently for about $450!