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Opton vs Sonnar



As mentioned on another thread, I am now the proud owner of two 50mm Zeiss lenses, one a Zeiss Opton f2/50 and the other a Sonnar. I have read that the Opton is built differently in that the central element is held within two screwed-together rings and thus can gget slacked off, while the Sonnar similar element is glued in place. Does anyone have any magic numbers to prove that the Sonnar is actually better (a little or a lot) that the earlier Opton ? Somehow I get the impression that the Opton is rather to be avoided. It will be interesting to see how each of them stack up against my other 50s - the Jupiter and the Helios for my Kievs.
Thanks in advance, Robin


I would like to know if a Distagon 28/2.8 not MM is suitable for my Contax 167 MT if I use only the manual mode


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Yes, AE (or MM) will work in manual mode on any C/Y mount camera from the 1974 RTS to the 2002 RX II, or Yashica FR, FX, MP series cameras.

Cheers, Bob.


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This is not correct, Bob. It will work in AE-Mode, too. It only will not work in TV- and P-Mode.

Seasonal greetings Martin


This is in reply to the question about the Zeiss-Opton vs. Carl Zeiss marked West German made lenses for the Contax RF mount. The term "Opton" was used by West German Zeiss to designate products made duirng the period where the East German Zeiss Jena company and the West German Zeiss company fought over the right to use the trademark "Carl Zeiss". After the West German company won this battle for the Western world it used the Opton mark on products designated for sale in the areas of the world where the East German Zeiss factory had the right to use the higly prized "Carl Zeiss" trademark. So a 50mm f2.0 Contax lens made for sale in Russia was marked "Zeiss-Opton Sonnar 50mm f2.0" whereas the same lens made for the American market would be marked "Carl Zeiss Sonnar 50mm f2.0". In every other way the lenses would be of identical design, manufacture and quality. The only difference was in the engraving on the lens bezel. All Zeiss made lenses that are more than 20 years old have a oil haze on the internal elemements due to deterioration of the grease used to lubricate the aperture control threads. The 50mm f2.0 lens is an outstanding performer. There is none better. But it must be clean. You can find out more at my Contax website:
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