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Orchid Bloom


Well-Known Member
Hi all!
I'm new to these forums, a lot of beautiful pictures on here!

It's an orchid bloom that looks a lot like a vulture digging into carrion to me.

I used a SD14 with a Sigma 28-80mm Macro lens. It was a kit lens with the SA-7.

Processed in SPP 2.5



  • orchid bloom 2.JPG
    orchid bloom 2.JPG
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Hi akv,
first of all,welcome to the forum.
Your "old" 20-80 does a good job with the SD14.
Keep on shooting.


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Thanks Uwe,
It is a remarkable lens. I didn't think it was going to be all that great but I have gotten some good results with it. And the Macro setting is on the 80mm length and it really gets up close.