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Origins of the Sigma Look Explained


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The Sigma Look is real and measurable.

I found this article
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written back in 2007 were the author measures what we all know from our Sigma experiences.


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Great find....yes we all know this...but his article might help newbies understand......

Thanks again for finding this and posting....

Tony C. :z04_cowboy:


While researching before buying into a new dslr that was one of the articles that convinced me the unbeatable price was no the only magic working in favor of the SD14.

Guest .

Hi Steaphany,

yes, I already knew the article, too. Nevertheless, it makes clear that resolution neither is pixel counts nor is it anything you can measure with bayer-sensor-designed test machinery!

Resolution is what you can see!! So lets have a look ... the SIGMA-LOOK! :z04_bier01:

See you with nice pictures