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Orsoy.... a bicycle tour

Guest .

Hello All,

today, we had the hottest temperatures all over Europe just here in Germany! Fantastic light, warmth and a feeling like holidays.
Well, I live in an insdustrial area which we call the "Ruhr-Pott" with my family.

Well, the Ruhr is a river and "Pott" -(the English term is "pit-mining")- indicates, that coal-miningl and steel used to be the most important industries over decades in this area.

Now, that coal and steel have gone, (except a very few factories), the landscape has widely changed ... as I would like to show you!:)

Due to the weather, we decided to go for a bicycle tour to the River Rhine.

We crossed the Rhine going by a ferry. On the other side there is a little medieval town named Orsoy .... really a nice place!

Although it was very hot today, I decided to take my complete photo-backpack with me. All Photos are shot with my SD9/SIgma 10-20mm EX DC and my SD14/ 18-200mm DC OS. In fact I quite often use two bodies at the same time ... so I do not have to change lenses all the time!;)

Sample 1.jpg

Sample 4.jpg

Sample 9.jpg

Sample 12.jpg

Sample 16.jpg

Sample 20.jpg

Sample 27.jpg

Well, ... let us have a closer look at the skipper ... as it seems ... he is in the mood as well?!!!:)

Sample 81.jpg

.... to be continued.....


Guest .

There I am again ......

Sample 34.jpg

Sample 36.jpg

Sample 43.jpg

Sample 64.jpg

Sample 68.jpg

Sample 75.jpg

Sample 79.jpg

Well .... it was a really nice day in the middle of an industrial area ... some pictures would not suggest that this used to be a bit minig area??!

As far as SIGMA is concerned ... both lenses perform fantastic! The 10-20EX is certainly one of the finest wide-angles, I can think of .... the 18-200mm DC OS is unbelivably sharp! Do not hesitate ... it is an excellent lens!

Another point is the improved colour performance of the SD14... since firmware update 1.07. The slightly torquoise blue-sky-problem is obviously done with, as comparism to the SD9-colours now proves. :)

See you with nice pictures



Hi Klaus,
looks like you had a fantasic day out with your family.
Nice shots from the "Ruhr-Pott" area.
Are you preparing for the next local user meeting?:)

See you

Guest .

Hi Uwe ... in fact, that is an idea that strikes me at the moment.... Orsoy could be an option for the next SIGMA meeting indeed!:rolleyes:

See you with nice pictures