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Other Contax Repair ? iia and iiia ?


Well-Known Member
It seems everyone agrees that HS is the best at old Contax cameras but if someone just needed a little work on their Contax in the meantime where would they send it ?

Not a complete rebuild and not a trip to a butcher just a little lube and adjustment.

And as honest as Harry.

TIA - Max


Well-Known Member
I would have a word with Malcolm Taylor, the Leica repair expert, as he is very good with mechanical cameras and lenses.



New Member
Mark Hansen

I am looking for a Contax rangefinder repair person. Jerry Sorin used to handle my repairs, and he was very good at it, but I heard that he passed away a few months ago. Henry Scherer has a waiting list measured in miles (if not light years). I found in the internet a reference to Mark Hansen's Classic Camera Repair. Is Mark a reliable Contax technician?