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Our New Guard Dog...


Well-Known Member
...during his inaugural "on the job" training session today. Goes by the name of "Flash".

Now I may not be around for a while as I have to put some major effort into manufacturing an outdoor sign for the entrance to our property, probably reading something like, "Enter at Own Risk-Viscious Guard Dog".

Sincere regards, Jim R


  • Flash 1.jpg
    Flash 1.jpg
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It's lovely!... and looks fierce, so better build your sign soon ;)
Love the picture.

Kind regards,


Well-Known Member
Yeah, Jesito, that's all very well, cute pic and all that, but I think you missed the significance of it all. A very close inspection will reveal one eye with a tiny slit open to the world, constantly scanning, ready to implement retaliatory action if a trespasser is detected. I'm just saying, this dog means business! ;)

Sincere regards, Jim R

Guest .

Hi Jim,

a lovely mate you have got there! "Flash" will surely be(come) an observant and reliable watchdog. :)

Do not forget to cuddle him!

ISO 800 / 105mm Macro .... very considerable image quality, I think.

See you with nice pictures