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Out of Focus using Natural Light only

Kathy K

New Member
What am I doing wrong? I am a professional photographer. I have a Nikon D200. I seem to be able to get all my images in focus when I use my lights. I prefer natural light, and use the auto-focus, but like to manually set the ISO, shutter speed and f stop. Images have actually been out of focus when set at 1/160, and the F stop at F8, or F 11. But I have gotten portraits in focus in low lighting when I set my camera at 1/60, and F stop at 3/5! Something goes crazy when I photograph outside.

Kathy K

New Member
Out of Focus Natural Light Only

Also, forgot to add that I was told to switch from a zoom lens to a fixed lens. Bought a Nikon 50 mm, 1/4, still have the same problems with images out of focus outside! Again, all natural light. When I photograph inside with low lighting, I get nice results.


New Member
Strange, what lens are you using and what sort of shutter speeds are you getting. The af system on the D200 is quite complex, I would try the single point af as a starting point and see how that acts ( dynamic modes may be focussing on some thing in front or behind the subject)

good luck