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P30 back charger for an H1

Tom Brown

Am awaiting delivery of an H1 with a Phase One P30 back. There is a charger for the back but this is lacking a power cable.
I seem unable to locate either a charger or (preferably) a power cable for it. Would be grateful for pointers towards either the above cable or a suitable replacement charger.


Hello Tom,
There are plenty of generic chargers out there that will charge your battery. I don't know in what part of the world you are but on Ebay here in the UK item: 163082463490 will do the job perfectly and at a much lower cost than Phase One will levy for just the cable.

Tom Brown

Thanks biggles, have ordered and it's on it's way. Apart from being able to use it in itself it looks as though the mains attachment shown will also fit my existing charger, but at that price it's a bargain either-way!
ps: have just taken my first shots using auto Pv, they look good but are pixelated when printed, back to the Manual (HELP)

Tom Brown

ps: The pixelation was due to the image going automatically to Win Viewer instead of Photoshop (I need to wake up!)