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Panasonic GX80 - how to switch in video from 25/50fsp to 30/60 fps


The Panasonic Lumix GX80 and GX85 are the same cameras. The different name is only for selling them in different regions of the world. They are identical cameras except in one firmware setting: The frame rate for video recording.

I do not know why Panasonic is still forcing the customer in some regions to use thes lower speed of 25fps/50fps vs. the nowadays "standard" of 30fps/60fps.

You can not buy old TVs anymore. Everywhere are flatscreens. And most videos are watched on youtube, which neither needs the slower speed. Even light bulbs are not the same anymore like 30 years ago.

Unfortunately you will see a significant difference in the video quality between 25fps and 30fps. The videos recorded with 30 fps are smoother with movements. This is why even every smartphone is offering 30fps. So why this stupid differentiation between the GX80 and GX85? There is only downside for the 25fps users, no upside!

Fortunately, there are some videos on youtube which show how to change this speed setting also for GX80 users. This will not damage the camera. You enable just something in the firmware what is already there, but hidden.

You can switch back and forth between the different settings by the way.

But of course I do not guarantee anything and I am not responsible for whatever might happen with you or your camera etc.. Everything is at your own risk!

So here I show you how I did it on my Lumix GX80. My firmware is version 1.2 in my GX80 by the way.

First of all, put your camera always first in "P" mode.

Description is in the images. If buttons are linked to each other with a red line, it shows you that you have to press them at the same time and kepp them press while doing something else.

It is kind of difficult with the fingers to do all this at the same time. My experience is, that if you hold the camera the way I took the pictures, it is a lot easier.

In the first step, the camera is "off" while you start.


In the second step, the camera is "on" while you start. But I used the same picture to save time.


And here are the steps if you change your mind and want to go back to the original 25fps/50fps setting on the GX80:


Here you have to pay attention. Get the box of your GX80. On the outside with the barcode etc., there is also the regional code written on the box. It is something like the 4 options you see on the screens.


The photo above shows my box with the regional code "EG"

Pick only the regional code which is also written on your individual box. This is not always "EG". This is important I guess (there must be a reason why Panasonic labels 4 different regional codes for the GX80 at least)

In the image below, the regional code "EB" is selected just as another example.


So you highlight the regional code which is written on your individual box and you can see in the upper right hand corner the word "strict". Press once the "Display" button in the lower right hand corner and this word disappears.

You have to disable this "strict-mode" before you continue, otherwise the next steps will not work. So make sure that this word "strict" disappears really before you continue ;)


Now simply press the WB button twice (!). The camera shuts down automatically. Done.

Everything is now at the original factory setting including the video speed rate, in this case again 25fps/50fps.

If you turn on the camera again, you have to enter again your clock settings etc, because everything was resetted to the factory settings like if you bought it brand new.

Enjoy it!
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