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Panasonic LC1 with 128MB Panasonic SD card


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I have an absolutely mint condition Panasonic LC1 with all accessories, plus an additional 128MB Panasonic SD card for sale. It was purchased less than a month ago in Hong Kong (still have Hong Kong warranty), and it has taken no more than 100 images altogether, including all test photos. My intention is to use it as a complement to my Canon 1Ds, but I find the high ISO performance still a little lacking in comparison. For low ISO speed like 100, it does produce stunning results though. Unfortunately I wouldn't mind lugging my 1Ds out when I need to take good quality pictures, and as a result this beautifully built machine doesn't quite get used much.

It comes in the original box with the standard charger, USB cable, TV cable, instruction manual, softwares, lens cap, hood, hood cap, 69mm Panasonic UV filter, shuttle release, the standard 16M SD and the additional 128M SD cards, etc. Everything is like new and not a single mark is found anywhere on the camera.

I am asking US$1,100 including shipping to anywhere in the world, but insurance will be extra. I have sold several Contax items to international buyers, including a TVSD, an Aria and several lenses, on the contaxinfo site, and all everyone was happy with his dealing with me. I will be happy to provide buyer references if so requested. For interested parties, please send email to Thanks.