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Paper recommendation for Epson 2100 2200



I have just ordered an Epson 2100/2200. Can somebody of the experienced 2100/2200-users give me an advice what kind of paper is the right choice for glossy prints and which for matt-prints.
I've read all the links above which make clear that there is a need for special kind of papers because of the pigmented-inks. I'm a little bit confused what to buy.

Thanks for your help !


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Can somebody of the> experienced 2100/2200-users give me an advice what kind of paper is> the right choice for glossy prints and which for matt-prints.

First of all , the paper should be coated if it is to be used with pigment inks. Their is no easy answer to this question , you will just have to experiment until you find a combination that suits you - everyone seems to have their own personal likes and dislikes..... The latest Konica paper produces stunning rsults with the 2100 - its worth trying some for sure . Its called Konica QP photoglossy/heavy weight[260gsm] , their is also a list dealing with the 2000P/2100/2200 printers on Yahoo groups which is worth checking out . Good luck . Steve


I have been getting great results with Epson Velvet Fine Art paper and Epson Lustre.




I'd guess you'll find some recommendations from Epson themselves on their website. But don't be surprised if that paper is $$$ .

Occasionally there are some computer magazines which running comparison tests - original manufacturer paper versus third party etc. Can remember a comparison where a cheaper third party vendor's paper was better than nearly all of the original brand paper types. Try to websearch for these comparisons.

But if you're really into printing high quality images, you may consider to give this to service labs (Kodak for instance does so if memory serves right). Might be the cheaper option since the cost of home printing is paper plus ink - and ink is outrageous expensive.

rgds Thomas


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I went to an ASMP digital printing workship in San Francisco last week. It was sponsored by Pictorico (ink jet media company) and Olympus. They demoed some prints from the Epson 2200 with Pictorico papers. The results were eye opening. They use paper media from met, glossy, water-color to fabric. Most of the images displayed there were taken with the Olympus E-20 which had been published in the ShutterBug magazine couple months ago. The prints really pops and I am totally sold. For those interested can check out their web site where you can download the ICC profile plug-in for the Epson printers with instruction how to setup the print profiles in PhotoShop.

I also got a chance to play with the new Olympus E-1 a week before they were released to the market.


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I just read an article on inkjet printing and archival issues by a third party consultant. Based on longivity testing, he advised selecting papers carefully. Some printer's archival performance could vary from 2 years to 100 based just on the paper selected.

As a point of interest, there is a new HP dye printer that, when used with a specific paper, now equals or surpasses the Epson 2200 in print life.