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Paris Lustre


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Here are a couple of experiments trying to represent the tricky lighting situation in a Paris apartment. I tried a couple different white balance settings-both of which seem to work (although, maybe not right next to each other).

SD14, ISO 50, 18-50mm EX @28 and @46 respectively (both cropped), the first at F2.8 .3s, the second at F9 2.5s.



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  • ParisLustre02-s.jpg
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Hi Jesse,
great job
you picked a difficult one,the dynamic range is wide,so giving the camera a hard time.:)
Only you can decide whether the colours (WB) are right,to me,both look ok.


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Very beautiful pics Jesse,
I like how the metallic surfaces turned out. My sister lives in Paris, and she's got a little cubbyhole of an apartment, and no fancy lighting!


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Thanks for the comments. I forgot to mention that both shots were at EV +3.0. I never would have thought to do that had it not been for this group!

This little chandelier (with all but two bulbs burned out) has a hard time fighting against the darkness of the large sitting room. That's part of what I was trying to capture.

Meanwhile, it's not my apartment, but I will be in Paris for the next several weeks (business) and I think I'll find it hard to resist putting up more pictures. I'll be processing them on my small laptop, so I hope they come out okay.