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Hi Valery,

nice shot!

Much more, I could not say for sure! I have been to Paris but I am no expert.

I think it should be
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Tell us more?!:)

See you with nice pictures


P.S. Image Processing could be optimised?! What did you adjust with the SPP sliders (assumed you did RAW)?? There are no EXIFs ... so I cannot read the data. ;)


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File Name: SDIM0080.X3F
File Type: X3F
Image Dimensions: 13.9 MP (1760 x 2640 x 3)
File Size: 10.1 MB
Capture Date: 14.9.2008 г. 12:17:42
Exposure Mode: P - Program AE
Exposure Compensation: 0 (AB 0 of 0)
ISO Setting: 100
White Balance Setting: Auto
Color Setting: Normal
Flash: Off
Shutter Speed: 1/320s
Aperture Value: F11
Metering Mode: Evaluative Metering
Focus Setting: AF-S - Single Auto Mode
Focal Length: 18 mm (18-200)
Resolution: HI
Drive Mode: Single Frame Shooting
Camera: SIGMA SD14 01010403
Firmware Version: SD14 1.05
Image Unique ID: 3031303130343033E600CD48B256BB02
Saved X3F Settings:
Exposure: +0.0
Contrast: +0.0
Shadow: +0.0
Highlight: +0.0
Saturation: +0.0
Sharpness: +0.0
X3 Fill Light: +0.0
Color Adjustment: 0


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Hello Klaus,

Thank you for your comment!

You are right, it is the place – Place de la Concorde, from a different angle, though.

I will post more pictures. Those are the first ones that I made with my Sigma SD14.

Any help and advice will be highly appreciated : ))

Thanks again!

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Hi Valery,

just what I assumed ... let's see what we can do!

The problem is, that I only can estimate from my SIGMA RAW experience to optimise here. Would be nice to have the RAW-File?! If you would like me to do exact work, send me a PM ... you will get my mail adress then.

1) White balance ...

you used ATM-WB ... that is what I do in most cases as well. In many cases this works perfectly ... in this case I see a yellow tint. This sometimes happens because your SD tries to compensate the blue sky.

Change the White Balance in SPP 2.5 to 8C+8M (using the colour-circle)

"C" means cyan and "M" means magenta

2) Your shot is frontlight! So, the bright sky in the background slows down exposure. You could have corrected exposure when taking the pic. If you speed up exposure too much, the sky will lose colour ... appear just white ... no solution as well!

Change the Fill light slider to values between +0.3 up to +0,8 to fill light into the shades. Watch the sky now carefully! If it loses brillance then change the lights to say (+0,5 -+1.0) If the pic then looks too flat or lifeless reduce the shadows a bit. Better do not change contrast using the contrast-slider.

I can correct the WB and lighten the pic ... Fill Light only can be done with the RAW-file

SDIM0080_FULL Copy.jpg

See you with nice pictures



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Paris, Versailles:


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Hi again ...

there is a place in Gernany, which comes very close to Versaille's architecture .... that is SANSSOUCI at POTSDAM near BERLIN.

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I have been there ... many years ago ... before digital photogrphy was invented. It waqs very impressive!! :) I will have to go there with my SIGMA cameras!!

See you with nice pictures


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Well, the French absolutism at its very peak! It is most shiny and splended architecture you show us here! :)

Thanks for sharing your impressive pictures!