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I have a 35/2.8 PC-Distagon. For filter use, Contax recommends using their 70/86 cinch (non-thread) adapter and then use 86mm filters.

However, the lens does have threads on it. They are just not the standard 67mm size. They appear to be slightly larger (but less than 70mm as measured). So, the only reason Contax recommends their adapter is because they do not offer any custom-threaded filters for this lens.

I would like to machine a custom adapter for this lens, but I need to know the exact thread size. I have emailed Contax, but they do not respond.

Does anyone know this information, or have the ability to find it out?




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Try contacting the Lee Filter Company, they often make custom filter holders that slip over the exterior like a slip on lens cap...they once made one for me so I could filter a huge105mm thread on a large format lens.