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Pentacon 6 lens for Contax 645



Hi there,
I have a Contax 645. Can anyone give me some advice on a lens I've been offered to go with it? It's a CZJ Sonnar 180mm for a Pentacon 6. How would you rate this lens? I know I would need an adaptor - are these widely available/expensive? I usually shoot candids, mostly small kids, and I find the longer lengths much more suitable for my style. I have just one lens for my 645, the 80 planar, do you think it's worth going for this other lens (about $200) or should I just keep saving?
Many thanks for your advice


Olympus is holding one day digital photo classes at several locations. There seems to be a $99 charge but the class lasts all day and could be interesting to those of us who still have lingering questions about choice of resolution, features, etc.

The URL to check is:

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No, I'm not a shill for Olympus but thought it might be interesting.

Don Williams