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Pentax deserves better than this


New Member
So, having been beaten to within an inch of extinction by Canon and Nikon it looks like Pentax has been forced to co-operate with the Koreans to survive in the lucrative but highly-competitive DSLR market. Sadly it seems they had no option but to hand-over their flagship model, the *ist DS2, to be ignominiously badge-engineered until the 'joint' NPD program finally bears fruit. This is a sell-out for Pentax. Samsung is an aggressive, down-and-dirty commercial operation with little respect for Pentax's hard-earned heritage. Slapping Samsung across the best Pentax can offer is a slap in the face of a cherished photographic brand. Saumsung will now buy their way into the market (which, given their lack of brand prestige will mean selling cheap!), thus leaving Pentax struggling to sell the same product via independent distributors at lower volume and marked-up prices. A sad, lingering death for an illustrious and well-loved brand!


I do not see it that negative. This is the way how it works in the digital area.

Look at Minolta, Kyocera, Mamiya, Leica, Olympus et alii. Without a strong "electronic" Partner, you can not survive if the market changes at this speed by 180 degree from analogue to digital.

I much prefer this cooporation than no Pentax at all.


Pentax alive and kicking

I just got my Pentax K 200D camera with the improved 18-55 zoom lens.
For me a whole new world has opened.
As user of MF cameras I am impressed by the quality and the sheer endless amount of options that come with this camera.
Of course I noticed that the lens is assembled in Vietnam and that the camera was put together in the Philippines. No problem at all. What counts is a good product beautifully designed and engineered for a friendly price.

I bought the camera with the standard 18-55 lens to be able to use the camera besides the use I had planned with Carl Zeiss lenses.
So far that is the only disappointment. The body refuses to work as long as it does not recognise the lens.
Pentax helpline advised me to call Carl Zeiss to solve the problem.
Apparently call center people are being trained to give these kind of smart answers if they can not give the right answer.

I am glad Pentax is still alive and now enjoys the support of Hoya in a highly competitive market.


Problem solved!

The problem how to bypass the K200D electronics in order to use non databus lenses was solved by a friend and long time Pentax user.
He pointed me in the right direction to change the menu setting to allow use of older lenses without databus.

The camera now happily accepts a Carl Zeiss S-Planar lens and gives high quality images.
Of course I can use Image Stabilisation as well.
That is something this lens has never experienced before in its 42 year existence!


K200D with adapter to fit Carl Zeiss lens.