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Pentax K100 and Hanimex PZ4200 Flash



Can I use my old Hanimex flash with my new K100 without damaging anything ? The flash can be set to work with Pentax but that was with my old ME Super.
I really like the flash as it has it's own flash bracket which puts the flash at the side of the camera and I also have several filters for the flash unit which can work with either internal batteries or a seperate SLA battery unit


it all depends on the trigger voltage for the flash unit. I've heard that the pentax models don't have an issue with higher trigger voltages but to be on the safe side if you don't know what the voltage is buy a hot shoe regulator at your local camera store for 100% certainty. I've been using my vivitar 2500 which has a trigger voltage between 10 and 14v with no trouble without the regulator (modern hot shoe flashes usually have a trigger voltage around 6v) but it's one of those things you must do at your own risk.