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Pentax K20D & Metz 45-CL-4 Flash


New Member
Can Someone tell me if this flash unit can be used on the K20D safely without damage to camera.
I have used this flash on a ist DL for some time which has been okay.
I am not worried about SCA Adaptors and P TTL ect as i use this with a single pin adaptor completely manual.

I do have a SCA 3072 Adaptor for Pentax but flash lead does not cover the adaptor head properly, Maybe wrong lead for that adaptor.
If any one knows what lead you should have for that adaptor this would be very much appreciated.



Active Member
If you've used it on the DL it should be OK on all the digital models. It's the older Metz ones you need to worry about, some have trigger voltages of 600V.