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Pentax SMC 100/4 Macro on SD-14


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I've recently acquired one of my all-time favorite lenses, the very brilliant SMC 100/4 in Pentax mount. I had one of these many years ago, and always regretted selling it off at the time. I was down to very little funds for carrying on, and so had to sell off a lot of equipment. Life has its "ups and downs"!

The lens mounts very solidly on the SD-14 with no looseness at all. I did have to bend the aperture lever into housing, but thankfully those levers can be bent back without breaking, due to the malleable metal, in case I ever want to mount it back to a Pentax mount camera.

Here's a very quick snap into the heart of a Crocus a couple days ago. This was not a very well "set up" shot, and could have benefitted from a tripod or macro bellows. However, for just bending down and shooting hand-held, it worked adequately.

As usual, the Foveon produced the dimensional characteristic that makes me very fond of the output.


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Hey Laurence,

what a brilliant shot! :z02_respekt::z02_respekt:

Well, as you know, flange to film distance differs between Pentax-K and SIGMA SA-Mount. You should be able now, to focus wider than infinity?! Your lens is about 1.5mm too close to the camera.

With longer focal lengthes you can live quite well with this problem with shorter lenses you will surely run into truble. You then have to correct this divergence.

See you with nice pictures



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You are quite correct Klaus! The Infinity is reached just before the Infinity mark on the focus numbers. I was aware of that when obtaining the 100/4, and will adjust accordingly. I am just completely happy that I was able to get this lens, one of my all time favorites, for a very low price. It is in near-mint condition.

The Foveon sensor seems to make the pistil "jump" out of the flower, and the colors are VERY true to life. What fun!