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Pentax SMC-A 55/2.8 to Adapt to Sigma SDxx


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Here is one reason I want to obtain a Sigma body, and utilize the screw-mount adapter (M42).

I love the old Takumar lenses, and I also love the newer (in this case) SMC-A 55/2.8 lens on the Pentax 645.

Specifically, the flare control is fantastic on the coated Pentax lenses, old or new.

This example hammers the flare issue home, as I shot directly into the sun itself.

Also, shadow areas have kept their integrity which is difficult for a lens to achieve when shooting such difficult contrast.

I "metered" in the brain, using the Sunny 16 rules; however, I opened up my "reading" three full stops, which pretty much
gave the exposure I wanted.

I anticipate using either a single M42 adapter with the 35mm lineup of SMC lenses, or possibly using the current medium
format lens with a couple of adapters - Pentax 645 to M42, and M42 to Sigma SA.

Looking forward to using the SMC lenses on whichever Sigma body I obtain!


Guest .

Hi Laurence,

really an atmospheric landscape! :z02_respekt::z02_respekt:

You got wonderful warm colours in your picture.

See you with such nice pictures



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Thank you very much!

I just "went to the dark side" and ordered an SD14....

Thee goes my wallet! Here comes an obviously fine and challenging piece of equipment!