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Pentax SMC Macro 100/4


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I have an SMC Macro 100/4 in Pentax mount that has been kept for "future use" from quite a few years ago. It is in perfect working order as I have kept it in a humidity controlled environment and have "exercised" it on a regular basis.

I would love to use it on the SD-14. I am aware that there is a bit of "shift" when mounted which I can live with.

I am hoping that I won't have to cut off the levers that stick out the rear of the lens; rather, I would prefer to attempt to disassemble those levers. Does anyone know if this disassembly for this particular lens is possible?

Thank you as always.



Hi Laurence,
I have not had that partiular lens in my hands,but had a look at some good illustrations of it.
There are screws at the collar of the bayonet,to me it looks they are holding
the black metal cover at the rear in place.
If you take out theese tiny srews it should come out.
The lever in question now can be inspected,and I am pretty sure,
you will see 2 small screws which hold the lever.
May be you take off the rest of the bayonet for easy access.
Leave the black part with the triangular lever out for your first tests.
You should use good quality and well fitting screwdrivers for your work!
Do NOT use those 99cent bargins