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Pentax Super Tak and SPP Processing


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Hello, I used the old Pentax Super Takumar 55/1.8 on the new SD-14, and it worked out just fine. I've always loved the clarity of the Super Tak and also the warmth of the color rendition.

Here are some images, from the nearby sea shore. I am STILL hoping to get to the rain forest for the "real" tests for me!

Also, I've included the original image straight out of the camera, and the image from using SPP software.

I am new to this; however the SPP software is a surprisingly powerful program! Original camera setting included shooting "to the right" on Histogram, with a +0.7 exposure compensation.

Of course, these are the result of my amateurish abilities with SPP. As I learn more, I hope to make the final output better. That said, I certainly love the way the software brings back the images to what I actually saw in person!

Image 1: Straight out of camera
Image 2: After SPP processing -
Exp -.9
Contrast +.9
Shadows -1.1
Saturation +.2
Fill +0.5
I love the way the gradient was pulled out in SPP

Image 3: Straight out of camera
Image 4: After SPP processing
Exp -.2
Contrast +.7
Shadows -.8
Fill +0.6
SPP brought forward the warm late afternoon sun tones.


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Guest .

Hi Laurence,

... just what I always say on the "old-glass-issue". If you do not mind working a bit inconveniently without "by-wire aperture" and autofocus ... you can have very nice picture results with it.

See you with nice pictures



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Au contraire Klaus! The act of working WITHOUT the wired aperture and autofocus is what I LIKE about using the Sigma camera and software!

I've been working with medium format cameras and transparencies for a long time, and of course that takes a large amount of "manual labor" to come up with anything presentable. So, the fact that I can still make my own personal judgements in the "processing" of digital images by using the SPP software is a huge bonus.

Everything "automatic" is okay for something like a kid's birthday party or something if I want to spew out some quick 4x6 or 5x7 prints.

But if I am in the beloved rain forest or any other place of beauty, I want to KNOW already how I want something to look, and to KNOW that SPP has tools at the ready to help me bring the initial exposure into the image that was in my mind when I pressed the shutter.

That's why I like to see others' "practice shots" with the Sigma/Foveon/SPP tools, and why I like to show my own practice shots as well. I can then learn, and when the time comes where it really counts, I can have a measure of confidence in being ready.

The "old glass" is simply grand sometimes! And that can be attested to by your recent "experiments" and comparisons...those just about made me fall off my chair. I never expected the older glass to actually measure up to the new stuff. And those kinds of surprises are always fun!

In fact, it's ALL fun!