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pentax v tamron


New Member
About to purchase pentax 50--200 lens but noticed that Tamron do a 55 - 200. Jessops do each around the £60 mark. Has any one experience of these lens and which is the best bet? regards Ron.


Active Member
P v T

Hello again Ron,
Regarding your lens, I've checked the 'net on these and these lenses seems quite cheap. The Pentax at £50 is a good price. I've no doubt the Tamron is OK and if you're not going to use it often then fair enough. I have an old Tamron 70-200 Adaptall 2. I've used this with Pentax, Nikon and Minolta mounts with nice results. I would say the Pentax glass is superior, especially as Hoya now own Pentax. My zoom nearest to this is the Sigma DL Macro Super. Stick to Pentax.