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Permanently disabling E500 flash due to damage


New Member
I have dropped my E500 down the hatch of a boat (while crash tacking in the Atlantic !?) and it didn't survive and damaged the flash unit. I have enquired about repair but decided that >£170 would be better spent on an upgrade, which I have done.

However the camera works but tries to fire the onboard flash, and sparks and gives an ozone type smell. The flash assembly is cracked open and I would like to cut the wires to permanently disable it. Anyone know if cutting the blue and brown wires and removing the remains of the flash unit, would cause any problem ?

I would then use it for times when I don't need the flash, such as when out on the water, on good days, or use an external flash, if that worked after cutting the wires.

This sounds brutal, but seems the only way !


New Member
Stop the popup flash

If you go into your menu toolbox 2 you can disable the flash and not have to cut any wires.


New Member
Thanks, I have tried to disable it by the menu but it sometimes flashes again, especially if I turn it on and the camera thniks that it is not bright enough without a flash.