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Phocus 2.5.4


New Member
I wonder if anyone can help.

I acquired a copy of Phocus (2.5.4) downloaded from a free offer, recently. I have installed it and re-installed it but I cant get it to load an image.

I get the display of the folders containing the images down the left hand side but when I click on one it wont open. The folders contain both jpg's and RAW files (Olympus ORF).

I suspect I have a bad download, (athough the software installed smoothly and it seems to load ok) but maybe there is something I have to do to make images load. It is the same with both images on the disk and on a card connected via a usb port.

My system runs Windows 7




Well-Known Member
I remember that Phocus for Windows open only "Hasselblad" files.

Phocus 2.6 may open jpf or tiff files.