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Phocus 2.6


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Well 2.6 should be better than 2.5 however I did not find the V-lens corrector in 2.6

With my 50mm 2.8 it's helpfull.

Any idea ?


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You must have an imported image selected in PHOCUS .
That image must have been shot with a V-SYSTEM lens .
Active the lens correction function and then you can enter your lens parameters .
There is a differentiation between V-SYSTEM and H-SYSTEM shots .
See PHOCUS usersguide page 46 . It does not say much there , as usual in
HASSELBLAD documentation , but it gives you a clou .

When you select a non HASSELBLAD shot image , you can activate the lens corrector but you will not be able to enter lens parameters .


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Now I discover a new bad point of my Iomega external harddisk. If I import files on my internal disk then it's ok for lens corection if this file is on the Iomega one then no correction avaible.