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Phocus 2.6


New Member
Complete newb with a problem.

I've made a giant leap (at least to me) to Hasselblad systems. I purchased a 203FE and 503CXi as well as a CFV-39 and a few different lenses. I have been very pleased with the results shooting to the CF card on both platforms. Thought I would try tethered shooting to Phocus 2.6.1 on a MacBookPro.

Tethered, all my images are green as if looking through night vision goggles. This occurs on both the 203FE and 503CXi. Clearly I am not doing something correctly. Little help for the idiot would be appreciated.



New Member
Synch cord shouldn't be needed, but I tried it anyway with the same result. I posted a link to the image, but I think since I'm a newb it won't show up. One thing I haven't tried is another tether cable...give that a shot.