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Phocus mobile question

Corey Jenkins

New Member
Hello everyone! I'm new here and had a question on using my iPad for tethering.

What I want to do is use my iPad like a larger LCD screen. Its great shooting tethered but when I'm on location its hard to bring my computer set up with me unless its a large shoot with the amount of assistants I have now. Being able to use my iPad to preview photos would be great. I'm using a H3D 39 so the LCD isnt quite up to speed like the LCD's on DSLRs now. If I could have Phocus on it as well that would be even better. I'm a new school shooter so being able to view and almost show my clients work as I shoot it would be great on location.

Here is my problem, Phocus mobile apparently only works if you have a WI-FI connection present, you also have to shoot into a computer with Phocus first. So that defeats the purpose of using my iPad on location if I have to bring a computer with me as well.

Are there any work arounds on this? It would be nice if there was a firewire to iPad cable, so I could go straight from my hassy into the iPad and use Phocus but doesnt look like there is a way to do this from what I've researched. I know others would find this useful, maybe there is a 3rd party app? If nothing else is there a way to output what comes up on the LCD to an external monitor? Kind of like DSLR Rigs have for video?

Corey Jenkins
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Well-Known Member
Hi Corey,
it is not pobible to shoot direct in your iPad.
You need a Computer for tethered shoot and a athoc Network on location to use you iPad.

It is also not posible to connect an external Monitor at you Back.



One other thing is that you are shooting 39 meg images. Man, even with a MacBook Pro you can run thru some serious megs on a shoot. Im trying to figure that out too. I guess you just dont shoot as much with a 39 meg image as you would with a 21 meg camera.