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Phocus; Where to put the Capture Folder


New Member
Hi Guys!
I'm a new owner of an H4D-50 and just had my first run with it this afternoon. I'm generally tethered to my iMac which has a 256Gig SSD drive in addition to a 2TB normal drive. I archive my work over to a Pegasus raid via Thunderbolt, as well.
I only have about 120gig available on the SSD and I'm wondering where I should put the actual capture folder.
If I put the folder in the 2TB drive am I setting myself up for issues as opposed to using the SSD drive that's built in? And to that point, is it equally feasible to put the Phocus Capture folder in the Raid drive given it has a T-bolt connection?

I have a pretty good graphics card and 16gig of ram on this iMac. However, I shot about 300 shots this afternoon and ran into an issue where the thumbnails would appear in Phocus but I couldn't render them...until I actually shut off Pandora of all things. So I'm unsure of the processors bogged down, or I had an issue with the SSD getting filled up quite a bit.

Basically, I am just interested in learning if I should expect to have general good performance if I use the other drives available to me in this configuration.

Thanks for any help!