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Phocus (Windows) and tagging of pictures


Hello anybody, I have got follwoing question, to which I could not find any note when searching the forums (therefore I post this question here):

I´m Using Phocus for Windows, version 2.6.4 and have found following interesting/strange habit when tagging multiple photos in the "Browse" worksheet in the section "IPTC Keywords" of phocus:

When tagging photos I use self defined sets and set-belonging-keywords in Phocus.
When selecting multiple photos the relevant tags of the IPTC Keywords section the summary at the top shows up (for example):
"250_mm, < Multiple Values >"
When selecting another predefined keword for the selected photos, all multiple values (that differ within the selected photos) are lost, only the newly marked tag an (in this example) the tag that hits over all photos, i.e. "250_mm" remains.

Any ideas how to add a new tag on a multiple selection of photos without deleting the various single-picture-related tags by this group operation?