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Photo management software

Just wondering, how do You manage your photo's on your computer ?

I've been looking it Adobe Lightroom, and I have to say, I do like the software. But I found that the quality of Raw PhotoStudio (to my perception) is better. So I prefere to use Raw Photostudio. But is has no photo indexing / management at all.

It would be nice to excange photo's between them, but that cannot be done in raw format (as far as I know), so the only option is to use tiff ??, and give super-huge files. Again, not an option.

I could not find any other small indexing program, that works with .psr, let well be only .x3f.

Any suffestions ?


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Take a look at Irfanview:

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Irfanview has no trouble at all with X3F files and includes a thumbnail viewer/manager:


This screen capture shows the Irfanview Thumbnail viewer with a X3F file selected and the Right Mouse Click pop up menu pulled up showing what it can do.

Another thing which I find helpful is to store photo files in a categorized and dated directory structure as shown in the Irfanview thumbnail side bar.


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I use Lightroom and really enjoy using it. I haven't used any other raw packages with the Sigma, but it has done what I needed it to do. If I do need to process a raw in another package, I'll open it in the other package, do my edits, save as a 16-bit tiff, and import it back to lightroom and stack it with the original.