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Photo s&les E20 vs E1


In the french photo magazin Chausseur d'image ther is a comparison test shot between the E-20 and the E-1:

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According to them, they like a lot tha handling, the viewfinder but are missing USM for the lenses.

But they also say that they have to wait til October to make their mind, since this was only a preproduction model they have used.


It seems that Olympus did not allow ANYBODY to show Test-Images before launch date in October 2003. At least all the major websites are telling this.

The images from the french photo-magazine are shut down currently.

The Test-Images that Olympus is offering on their new website are too small. Nice to look at, but not big enough to make any further examinations.

So it seems currently that we have to wait in worst case 'til October before we see any valuable images to make our own judgements