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Photo Secretary Availability


New Member
Does anyone know how I can get the Nikon AC-1 WE Photo Secretary for PC package? I have looked everywhere and on the internet and can not find it available in the US. All the stores say the product is on backorder and they have no idea how long it will be. I have had an order in at Samy's Camera since March, but it still is not available.

Why is it taking Nikon so long to provide Photo Secretary? It is just software that is already developed. It should be very easy to copy and provide for sale.


Well-Known Member

Nikon catalog number 9 only features

Nikon Capture 4 Software #25291 ADS $140.00

Nikon View 6 Software supplied with their cameras.

Hope this helps.




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Basically it is pretty difficult to get this and some have said that it has been discontinued. There are 2 after market alternatives that do more than the Nikon version,

1 - Made by - curerntly only works with the F100. You'll need to buy an MC-33/MC-31 cable separately for this though.

2 -
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HarTalk and SoftTalk - they make their own cable that also can be used like the MC-20 remote chord and actuate your camera with a computer (fixed sequence shooting)

Hope this helps,