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Photokina 2016 Live Thread



this is the Live thread for the Photokina 2016. We will report today (Monday) and tuesday live here from the Photokina. If you have any questions, feel free to post here in this thread...

Best wishes


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I should be interested in your impressions of the new Olympus E-M1 Mk. II, especially its focussing speed and how well that it works with Four Thirds lenses.

Bengt Fredén

New Member
Hi all,
I am interested in any new developments on the FUJIFILM X APS-C format digital cameras, especially if there are any news on a future successor to the Fujifilm X-T10 camera (such as a Fujifilm X-T20)? Along the development lines of the recent 24 Mpxl cameras; X-Pro2 (hybrid optical/EVF viewfinder) or Fujifilm X-T2 (big EVF only). Also any news on Fujinon XF prime or zoom lenses, or X mount telephoto extenders! Thanks.

All the best from Stockholm, Sweden, Bengt F, photographer


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Hi all,
I would be very interested in the new product range (prime lenses) from Zenit camera in Russia, new 50mm f0,95 and 85mm have been released, with an attractive price (around 600 euros in Russia), and would like to get some more info about Zenit's comeback. Film or digital?
Thanks to all.
Best regards from Spain


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Hallo Dirk, ich würde gerne wissen ob es bei Canon DPP auch wieder die Integration älterer Tiff- oder CRW- Bildformate aus Cameras wie D60, D30, D2000, DCS1,3,5, DCS 520/560 (eher nicht, da Kodak version, aber grundsätzlich möglich) geben wird. IN den DDP versionen bis 3.5 o.ä. war die Unterstützung teilweise möglich. Ich habe noch zehntausende archivfotos die ich immer wieder brauche aber es nervt, drei rechner parallel am laufen zu halten. Ich könnte natürlich alle bilder aktualisieren aber das wäre viel unnötige Arbeit, man weiß in meinem Job nie was man am nächsten Tag braucht. Gruß Thomas Thiele


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What does the firm say about the state of the Firmware?
How about checking the Hasselblad X1D.
How does it feel?
Focusing - is it single point and/or area. How do you move the single focus point around? Only touch or could it be moved while looking through the EVF?
Is the EVF OK?
And how is Live view? On earlier models it is much flawed due to slow update and grossly under performing screen.
The feel of the lenses?
Is the 30 mm at hand?



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Hi Eric,

I did not have time to make hands on this Photokina with the X1D. But I was already invited from Hasselblad in July to the presentation of the Hasselblad X1D in Hamburg and had enough time to play with it there. Of course it was not yet a finalized product. Firmware updates are expected in this stage of development almost weekly. So take it with a grain of salt:

The X1D feels wonderful in the hands. The perception is much like a "blown-up" Leica M6. The X1D is a camera, you WANT to carry around. The lenses are relatively small and light. The body is 725g, which is very light for medium format, but of course not as light as i.e. a mirrorless camera with a smaller sensor.

AF was good and fast enough. Same for the viewfinder- But this all has to be checked once final production is available. At the event in July, only the 45mm and 90mm were presented.

But I think the most important information is, that as of today, the X1D is by far the most interesting Medium Format mirrorless camera. A better choice (for me) than i.e. the just announced Fuji GFX 50s. For my first opinion about these two MF cameras you can read my posting here:

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Best wishes


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Hi James,

unfortunately, I was under time pressure at Tuesday. I did not know that they did not have have prototypes ready in the shelves at the press day. I had no time for another extra meeting just to take a prototype in my hands ;)

So I can not answer that question unfortunately.

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As always, the manifacturers do not want to share any inside knowledge with the press. And if they do, we are not allowed to talk about it ;)

There was no indication at the booth of any kind of other products than the ones they were showing by purpose. But I do think it is obvious that Fuji will continue to lauch new products if the old model was a success. The question is more the "when", not the "if". Timing is important to maximize sales numbers of the already announced products ;) Do not expect it before 2017. Maybe the successor of the x100T for christmas if at all.

If other Fuji cameras are coming like a successor of the x100T, X-T10, X-E2, than it is obvious that they will all have the same 24MP sensor to use economies of scale. I do not think that Sony is still producing the 16MP sensor. So where shall Fuji buy the 16MP sensor? The whole industry is more or less dependant of Sony sensors. Sony is dictating, what kind of sensore will be available for you, if your quantity or price is not big enough for special demand production ;)

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Sorry, I had no time to go there...

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That was German :)

Thomas was asking whether a question about DPP, the Canon Software. The newer versions of DPP did not support older file formats of cameras like D60, D30, D2000 etc. So he wanted to knwo whether that will change in the future to be able to read tehse files again with DPP.

Sorry, I had no time anymore to find someone who could answer that question at the Canon booth. Maybe one of our users can ask that question if he is at Photokina over the next days. I was only Monday and Tuesday there...