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Photoshop Question White Shows Dark Hides



I just finished a class with Lewis Kemper, he taught the cool thing in Photoshop White Shows and Dark Hides. I have tried to recreate this but with no luck. Does anyone have notes or step by step instructions on how to do this in photoshop. It would be great, anything to get me going in the right direction. Lost but no forgotten. Tom


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That sounds like using layer masks, though I have never heard it put in those terms.

Once you have added a layer, open the layer palette and make sure the new layer is selected - the tumbnail area will be highlighted.

While the layer palette is open, click on the little icon that is a rectangle with a circle inside. This enables the layer mask. You will notice that the swatches in the tool palette change to black and white. (You can toggle between swatches just by typing X.)

To render parts of the layer transparent and show the layer below, paint with black. If you want to restore detail, paint with white - that simple! I hope this is what you are referring to.

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