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This is linked to my other thread "Setting Help".

This a picture i've just taken of the work which is 3" from top to bottom.

It was taken at 0.8m, f22, 1", and 100, on a tripod, with shutter locked.

It was taken at an angle because the top of the plate curves backward at about 45% which is not easy to see in the picture.
To me, it is not really sharp, I usually do all the tweeking in PS.


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Hi Phil,
Good stems!
Try 3 shoots from f/4 to f/6.3.....
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after reading this I learn a lot!!!

....use f/22 only if you need a lot of depht of field, and for "sharpening" out the best shoot try work around f/5.6 (Foveon Pixel size 9.1µm).



Thanks for the info.

As for the picture, as I explained it had to be taken at an angle because of it's shape, anything under f22 won't be in focus, in fact it needs to be over that.