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Places in Bangkok to buy Nikon DSLRs



does anybody of you know good places in Bangkok to buy Nikon DSLRs?

I will be in Bangkok for about 3 days and thought I could pick up a D40 or D80 there cheaper than in Europe...

Any address and/or phone numbers?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Dirk,

I personally live in Bangkok.

One of the best places is:
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This one usually has slightly cheaper prices:
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However, the Thai baht rate is currently very high so you will loose some of the price advantage.

If you need any assistance, or meet for a cup of coffee, just send me an email and I'll give you my phone number.

Cheers, Edward


HI Edward,

this would be a nice idea. We have not that much time, but I hope we can meet. I will be in Bangkok from 17.12. until 20.12. with my wife and my 3 year old son. And my wife has a very long shopping list

I will send you a PM...


Dirk, I'll almost run into you. I'll be in Bangkok for a couple of days in mid-January, on my way to Cha Am.

Have a great holiday!


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THAT is really a pitty. I will fly tonight with my family, so I will arrive on Sunday (17th) and only stay there 3 days, after that moving to Ko Samui (a little island of Thailand). On my way home end of December I will probably stay again 1-2 days in Bangkok, but on January 3rd I have to fly back from Bangkok to Frankfurt...unfortunately....

Life is unfair!

Or you come earlier to Bangkok