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Planetary Collision


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Sigma SD-14
Pentax SMC 100/4 Macro

Fooling around with the macro lens is a lot of fun.

In this case of formation in the Crown Nebula, you can see a gas giant on the upper left being orbited by a Mars type
of planet. The limb of this smaller planet is just starting to traverse in front of the gas giant.

Meanwhile, in the background there are two proto-planets that are being engulfed by the hot gases of the nebula itself. As
a result, there are thin ion streams exchanging between the hot planet and the cool gas giant in the background.

From this perspective, the two background planets look close, but they are actually several light years away. This portion
of the nebula showing the orange and yellow colors is a hot mix of hydrogen and methane gases, giving it a strong

At the bottom of the image there is an interstellar dust cloud that has just become visible visible as a white mass as it starts
to absorbheat from the nebula.

The far-away rather dim star in the upper right, below the trio of small bright stars is a red-giant star, about 300,000 light years away, and is about 300 times
larger than our own sun.


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Hi Laurence,

That is a really cool looking photo! Interesting subject matter. Have one question: Did you mount the macro lens on a telescope?



Guest .

Hi All,

very mystical photo indeed! :) I like it very much!

But ..... I do not think, we have a chance to find out the picture's secrtet until Laurence nicely reveals it to us!

Please do so Laurence ....

See you with nice pictures



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Well, I'll post some more of the genre of macro photos. I'll bet you all will guess correctly what I used to produce these fun photos, once you see some additional image. :z04_discosmilie:

Stay Tuned!
Laurence (Larry)

Guest .

.... keeping tension breathless .... :D:D:D ....

Laurence .... go on that way ... I like it very much .....:D

See you with most mysterious pictures ....:D