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Playing with my EX 30/1.4


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Hello, REDFOX!

Very nice contrast of colours and I am really jealous as it is winter here in southeastern Australia!


Hi Foveonfan,

You can find a better version of the shot in the german part of the
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. The 30 /1,4 is an excellent lens for the SD14. I use it in manual mode and am very pleased with the results.

At the moment we have summer here in germany and temperature is arround 35° C, not so amazing if one has to work and be concentrated on the job. All these beautifull girls out there and no chance to take pictures...

All the best to You,



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Hello, REDFOX!

Just thought I would reply that my mac does not like your picture at the end of the link, telling me it contains an application. Now, this could mean nothing and be quite harmless, but I like that so far, since leaving "the dark side" (windows), my mac has kept my system virus free.

So I will continue to "play it safe" and not open files like that. Sorry.

Sincere regards, JR

PS. Sorry also to hear about "so many pretty girls - so little time"! But the job must come first, eh?

PPS. Snowing in the mountains near here.


Hello foveonfan,

the link points to the image which is attached to the thread in the german forum. It´s just a jpeg image, so it should be save to open the file - also under Mac OS.

Since I´m not a club member in this forum here the images are only 400 by xxx Pixels. In the german section the image is a little larger and shows more of the quality of the sigmas.

Yeah - the job comes first :uhoh:...

Well if You can email me some of Your snow, I shall send some of the bright sun to You :z04_pc5: in return.

You wanna try ??




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Well, REDFOX, not wanting to point any accusing fingers in your direction, I know there are many devious minds on the internet that are capable of intercepting your image and attaching malware, etc, without you knowing about it.

So I ask you to consider I am a little paranoid?

As for the mixture of microwave transmission links, fibre-optics and snow? maybe in the future? :)

Greetings from wintry Wodonga, JR

Guest .

Hi all,

now I am back from Croatia!

It is even hotter there compared to our German conditions ... too hot for my taste.

The SIGMA 30/1,4 must be a great lens really. The sad story just is, that I do not have one ...:(

See you with nice pictures


P.S.: Even if off topic here ... Let me show an SD9 panorama-shot from Croatia (SD9 with SIGMA 10-20mm EX DC (@10mm) ... three shots stiched)

sample 1.jpg