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Dear members,

we put a lot of effort in running this community for so many years and keeping it as a stand alone Hasselblad community with its own software etc. Nevertheless there are not enough Club-members to finance this community somehow. So we had to make a decision.

We will ask from now on actively for donations to keep this community running, pay the bills etc. This will be done with different donation goals. The first one will be high, to see whether there is a serious committment from the users for this Hasselblad forum. If this donation goal is not met, we will close this independant forum.

It was not easy to make this decision, but it is necessary.

So what do you have to do? If you want stay as it is now, then please donate here:

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You will see the progress on the sidebar on the right of the forum index page.

(If you donate at least the same amount of the HI-Club membership, you will get the Club-privileges for free of course)
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