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Please help with picking a new lense



Sup guys, I just picked up a e-500 with the two lense kit. And Im loving it. But I want to pick up a new lense for it.Im looking for a lense thats good for shooting cars, looking to take pictures like the ones you see in magazine's. But I would also like to take pictures of people real close up. I have below two ex&les of what I tring to do, so If you can recommend a lense and also please note if it works better for the car image im going for or close ups.. Also are their any other companys that make lense that work on olympus??? thanks for the help...

I would think that these first two images can be done with the same lense. not sure sure what kind mabey a macro??


could I use a macro for this type of image or is there anther lense I can use??


If you have any trouble understanding my quistion just say so and ill try to clear it up.. thanks


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Yes,you can use the same lens to get the photos like the third one. Macro lens can be used as a normal lens.