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Please test your 6008i2bs depth of field preview button



Hi, I have been using Rollei 6000 system for over fifteen years, my first Rollei was a 6006, I still keep one with me. I then upgrade to 6008 SRC1000, 6008i and now I just bought a 6008i2 because my 6008i's processor went mad! Anyway, I discovered that what ever lenses, old or new, PQ or PQS or older one,the first time (means everytime you have switched back on your camera) you use the lens with the 6008i2, the first time I push the DOF preview button, the aperture will not respond (only a click sound but no stop down) until you push it the second time, after the second time (in which it will function normally) the aperture will work smoothly. This happened with my 40mm, 50mm, 110mm, 150mm and 250mm (a mix of old and new design). The shutter release respond slower as well if the first thing you do is pressing shutter release right after turning on thye power. I have called Rollei HK's repair department but they do not have the camera with them and they cannot tried to solve my problem...Here I would like to ask anyone who bought a 6008i2 recently to test if your 6008i2 is function the same as the one I haved.

Looking forward to learn more about this new camera.




Hi Bobby - I just ran through the functions with my 6008/2 as per your description. My camera responds in the same way that you have described. No problems! I believe the initial push of the DOF or shutter release button powers the camera's electronics up for metering, etc. Hence the slight delay in the shutter release. It took me a short while to get used to this when I first received my camera recently. I was tripping the shutter accidently by pressing the shutter release twice! Hope this helps.



> [Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your information. So this might be the only drawback of this new camera. I have asked the Hong Kong agent, Jebsen & Son Co. Ltd, this morning about the matter. They have promised to check with their repair department to see if other 6008i2 have the same character! It is a love and hate relationship with the 6000 system, but I still think the camera is the best made 120 format SLR money can buy! I will update with you once I receive explanation from the agent. Thanks!

Bobby ]


New Member
Hi, I am new to this site and have found a lot of information and good discussions. I have a 6008af which should behave much like the i2. When I first switch it on it does nothing, not even the LCD display. The camera is only in a standby mode. You may push any button (dof or the memo button etc) to activate it. Once it is activated all functions will be normal. I am not sure whether this is also the case in the i2. I have not had this experience with my older cameras since my 6008i is also not working well now. Tak