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Possible New Contax News


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I just saw this posted on one of the leica boards I frequent. From the sound of it KYOCERA branded digital and film cameras are ceasing, but NOT Contax.

Below is a link to the PDF. Who knows the validity but I thought I'd pass it along. Wouldn't a nice concise press release from Kyocera be refreshing???

Here is the link:
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ps- I got a 85/1.4 for the N Digital, what a lens!


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Well, that's interesting. Could that mean that Cosina will be making Contax cameras in conjunction with Zeiss' lenses, I wonder? Also would they be existing camera bodies from the curent manufacturing tools or new models.


It looks to me with the qualifying adjective "Professional" when referring to Contax and the Zeiss T* lenses that they mean the 645. I seem to remember Kyocera saying that the 645 would continue. I presume it means the end of the 35mm and digital cameras, which is alarming in a way because if Kyocera are hanging on to the Contax and Zeiss lenses for the 645 it presumably means that these brands are unavailable to anybody else for 35mm / digital.

As has been said, some clarification from Kyocera would help.



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Ah... I remember the reference to the 645, now that you mention it, too. That's a good point about the brand name being retained. Maybe all new models will be Zeiss Ikon.


Hi Kent,

thanks for the link. Strange statement though...

1. The date is not correct (2004)
2. The wording seems more to shift the responsibility over to Kyocera (in case something turns out different). Wordings like "Kyocera promised" etc.
3. If there will be any kind of involvement of Kyocera in the future of Contax, I would be surprised if that involvement would be on the marketing or distribution side. Hístory has shown that Kyocera is good in producing cameras, but marketing and distribution is definitely not their core strenght

So I do think that this is pure marketing blabla. Remember, there is still stock left with ToCad... Maybe ToCad was not told everything in advance before they signed the contract with Kyocera...

I hope to get some official news over the next weeks, but I can not promise anything with a timeframe. You can imagine, that Zeiss has many things on it's to do list at the moment


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All are good points. I think the old addage "time will tell" is the motto of the day

Have a good weekend!