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PowerShot A80 CP330



Hey guys,

I have just bought a CP-330 via internet and I will use it in combination with my PowerShot A80 (of which I am very satisfied).

Anyone any experience with the CP-330 or CP-300 and a digital camera?


I've had a CP-100 for quite a while, and I've been very happy with it. My experience is that you'll need to slightly over-expose images you want to print on this device, but that's not hard to do. I wouldn't recommend it as your only printer, but to get quick small prints from your digital camera, you can't go wrong.


well I saw prints from a CP-100 as well when it was just released and in my opinion the quality is far more better than my HP Photosmart 7660.

So I won't use it as only printer off course because it doesn't print A4 but mainly for taking instant pictures at parties and so on...

I should receive the printer this week or next week and I will keep you all posted about results...