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PQ lenses or not


New Member
I have the possibility of buying lenses for 6006 thus old:
2.8 / 80 mm HFT and 5.6 / 120 mm HFT
Can you told me what is the difference with optics PQ? Are they of quality? Thank you


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I don't think you'll be able to perceive a difference in optical performance between an "HFT" lens and the equivalent PQ. However, the HFT lens only allows shooting with shutter priority.

Because the "HFT" lenses are older, it is worthwhile determining whether they have had any servicing or maintenance or not. Mine have had this, and they seem to perform like new. They are fantastic lenses.

Paul Butler
Rollei lenses for the 6000 series cameras are currently available in three versions - EL, PQ and PQS and work with all SLX and 6000 series cameras an offer a top shutter speed of 1/500sec (PQS only). PQS lenses are intended ONLY for the 6001, 6003 and 6008 cameras and offer a top speed of 1/1000sec.

I would stick to PQ, PQS and EL lenses. I've read that the only difference with EL lenses is that they use screw in filters and use slightly different materials in their construction. The Glass is the same.

The 50 FLE is a newer lens which there are two versions; Zeiss and Schneider. The older 50 PQ is an older Zeiss design but it's still PQ.

I've also read that older non-PQ lenses, commonly refered to as HFT lenses, need to be upgraded as they could short out the motherboards on the post 6006 series Rollei's.

So this is how it works:

HFT: meant for 6006 and earlier cameras. PQ, PQS, EL: Newer lenses. PQS can only be used on post 6006 cameras. AF: Newest lenses for 6008AF

All lenses have HFT coating though. And they are thus marked in red next to the glass; HFT.


New Member
"I've also read that older non-PQ lenses, commonly refered to as HFT lenses, need to be upgraded as they could short out the motherboards on the post 6006 series Rollei's. "

I believe this is the OPPOSITE to the truth. It is the PQS lenses that can fry the older SLX, & some early 6000 series (?) that only provide up to 1/500s on the shutter dial. PQS lenses draw more current for their newer-design motors.

HFT [(non-PQ, non-PQS as all the lenses are HFT coated & labeled, further regardless of this the OPTICAL design/formulas are the same)]will work only in shutter priority mode with newer cameras that have additional exposure modes. The older lenses will also make a clicking sound as they are used in shutter priority mode, some find this objectionable & find it may distract a live subject @ the time of exposure.

What I'd really like to alert you to is that if you can utilize the non-pq/pqs HFT lenses you will save much money over their newer counterparts.

The other thing is that that 120mm f/5.6 S-Planar (it is the S-Planar isn't it?) is one of the very best you could use, especially as an all-round "normal" lens. I use it that way & use the 80mm Planar as a very moderate "wide angle" lens, this especially so with the Square Format. I cannot praise this lens enough - very sharp & Planar-like, from closeup, all the way out to infinity. A gem. If I could only have one lens this would be it.


New Member
I am thinking of buying a 150/4 PQ lens. However, I was told by one dealer that this lens had discontinued. Does anyone know whether it is true or not? Could you also tell me how this lens performs and whether it is worth buying or not, especially for the purpose of taking portraits?
> Ron,

I use a 150mm Sonnar PQ for portraits all the time and it is excellent...the only additional benefit of the PQS is the 1/1000s shutter speed if that is important to you.

Hope this helps,



Active Member
Dear Ron,

All of the 150mm f/4 Sonnar lenses feature the same optics, so if you don't need the extra speed of the PQS version, even the EL version would do just fine. The 150mm f/4 Sonnar is a nice portrait lens, and I use this lens for portraiture as well as the Schneider 180 f/2.8 Tele-Xenar. I kind of prefer the color contrast of the 180, but that's just a personal preference.

If money is not a big obstacle, I would recommend the 150 Sonnar PQS since you can hand hold this lens and shoot at 1/1000 sec with good results. Ultimately, a tripod should always be used in order to obtain maximum sharpness.

All the best,
Dale Gee


New Member
Thanks Dale Gee and Paul Simcock for your advice. I asked Rollei USA about whether they have discontinued making 150/4 PQ or not. Here is the reply from them: "The Rollei 150mm f4 PQ was replaced by the EL version. The optics and performance are identical. The difference is the 67mm screw-in filter thread vs. Bay VI and the removal of the aperture needle on the outer barrel (no longer needed for the latest generation of cameras.) All vital statistics - lens coating, optical perfromance, structural integrity - are the same." In this case, if I can get a new 150mm/F4 PQ lens at the almost same price as 150 EL, which one do you think I should get?



My pleasure, and that is interesting information from Rollei. Whichever lens you choose will give you great results and all the best.




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Dear Ron,

If you are able to get a 150mm Sonnar PQ lens, than I would recommend this over the EL version. Optical performance would be the same for these two lenses, but the physical build of the PQ lens is a little more luxurious. The 150mm Sonnar PQS version is only about 350.00 more than the EL version, so sometimes the extra speed of shooting at 1/1000 sec does come in handy, especially if you are shooting handheld.