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... prefer a biologically bred product over Atoms...


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… No no no, I’ve not became mad or something like that :p

Well what you’ve seen is not the sadly know variant of the same plant… this is just hemp, plain and LEGAL hemp here is France… Not far from my house is one of the biggest field of Hemp for the company called Aubiose… Aubiose is a big agro group which make a lot of interesting things from this plant… from oil (yes for salad without the pink teletubies floating around when eating them :)) to ropes… and one of the particularities of this field is that all plant grown on it is biologically cared…

with the nuclear plant at 10km at most (such as seen on background) I found it puzzling but yet possible to interpret in 2 different ways…

Choose yours



  • 2009-06-28_bioagri-vs-atoms.jpg
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yes, in fact this kind of hemp hasn't the same effect as the sadly well known other one... despite looking identical :p

It has no psychotropic substance within this kind, it has always been used in order to make ropes, oil, ecological isolation material for house building etc... compared to the indian variant (Cannabis Sativa in latin ^^) which is only destined to ... well you all know...

What I found interesting was the kinda 69's "hippish" scene of this kind of plant and behind the atoms pictured by the powerplant :p

Proud to see that you all enjoy it :)


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Hemp was once a big industry here in the US. The cotton industry didn't like the competition and so went the drug wars.

I've read that Henry Ford's original auto designs called for a hemp based "plastic" to be used for the body panels. When junked, instead of junk yards that the world has today, the organic help plastic auto parts would decay into the soil - like wood or a pile ha leaves.