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preferred JPEG settings


can you advise on the preferred settings for contrast, sharpness, saturation in case of JPEG
I know it is something that you learn by doing but if there are some guidelines that help
want to get the best right out of the camera without too much 'photoshop' afterward
would like to have raw+jpeg out of camera but that is not possible


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Actually X3F files contain both raw and jpeg data (at least starting from SD14); you can save that jpeg "preview image" in SPP browser window with "Convert to JPG" command. Or do you need jpeg files seprately already on memory card?


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gderaeve...if you are wanting JPG out of the camera...pick-up an SD15 or DP2s/DP1s/DP1x camera's....I have heard the JPG from the camera is just a little better than the SD14...if you have any of the older camera's if you shoot JPG do a custom WB before you get the best possible JPG from the camera...otherwise shoot RAW...the JPG on the earlier camera's was no-where near par to other systems...

Tony C. :z04_cowboy: