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Press release 5D


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Thanks Dirk,
At last, that might be The One.


I had confidence in Canon to bring this SLR to market yet its arrival is almost a year sooner than expected. The full-size image sensor is more important to me than any other feature although the user interchangeable screens are a nice bonus too. Actually, since the late 1980's Canon has built the right tool desired for the job required. When the T90 arrived it was a huge leap forward of the F1n, the metering and film transport systems were amazing. Then as AF developed into more than just another gizmo I waited patiently for an AF body that was the equal to my trusty T90. EOS1? Nope, sorry, only similarities are the weight. The EOS 50e in 1995 became my first AF body because it offerred eye-controlled focus with decent metering and 11 custom functions that included leader-out film rewind. WOW!! All previous offerrings of PRO models seemed rushed to market bringing with them an inflated price tag and deflated spec sheet. That is also how I received the 20D and quickly returned it to the store and picked-up a 300D as my first digital SLR camera body which had devalued enough that I could buy another one used for a combined total less than the price of a new 20D. And now the 5D. Thank-You Canon for inventing the desired tools for the required job of creating some of the best photographs by photographers around the world.