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Printing True B+W with Epson R2400


Hello all,

Does anybody have any good tips for printing B+W images from Photoshop on an Epson R2400?
I have been trying to print onto Epson Premium Glossy paper and although the finished prints show excellent clarity I can't seem to match the black with the on-screen black with Photoshop. The prints tend to come out with a slightly green hue. The printer settings are for B+W best photo but are frustratingly not a true match.




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tip: keep practicing...

try better papers, like harman's PHOTO BARYTA range

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try the gloss or matt depends what you want...

then goes all the basic advice such as calibrating printer and monitor. always desaturate the file before printing (no matter how many times you have donde this on previous steps or what black and white conversion process you are using)